Blue Mountain Center

Supporting writers, artists and activists in Blue Mountain Lake, New York

Life at BMC

I quickly found myself being as productive as I’ve ever been. And it was the best kind of productivity, too: the relaxed, fulfilling kind—not the over-caffeinated, deadline-driven, better-get-this-done-quick kind. The idyllic setting, the stimulating conversation of interesting writers and artists (who shared ideas and techniques), and above all the extended time away from the pressures of ‘normal life’ proved remarkably conducive to good writing.
— Scott Stossel, editor of The Atlantic magazine and author of My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind

Blue Mountain Center is based in a turn-of-the-century Adirondack lodge on a pristine 1,600-acre estate. Life at BMC is organized to maintain privacy and quiet. The atmosphere is informal and cooperative. Since 1982, guests have gathered here in northeastern New York to work, converse, and relax in a peaceful, supportive environment.


Each guest stays in a room in either the Main House, a late 19th-century clubhouse built by Adirondack Great Camp architect William West Durant, or the Grey Cottage, once the summer home of Harold K. Hochschild, a historian and founder of the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.

Writers stay in individual bedrooms that double as studios. Visual artists and composers work in studios a short walk from their ladgings. Linens and laundry facilities are provided.


The food at BMC is simple, hearty and mostly vegetarian. We eat family style. Breakfast is provided by our staff, and for lunch sandwich and salad supplies are available. Dinner is prepared by our chef and guests are encouraged to help with cleanup. Dietary restrictions are accommodated upon request. 

Cell Phones & Internet

Cell phones are prohibited at Blue Mountain Center during our Residency Program. We have a phone booth with unlimited long distance calling and a small Internet center with one public computer and Ethernet cables for personal laptops.

There is no Wi-Fi at Blue Mountain Center. The phone booth and internet center are available 24 hours a day. Family members and loved ones may call our office phone at any time in the event of an emergency.

Outdoors & Recreation

Blue Mountain Center is located within the Adirondack Park, the largest state park in the continental United States. Residents have access to over twenty miles of beautiful hiking trails. Four canoes and a rowboat are available for guest use. 

The amenities—tennis court, canoes, lakefront access, and hiking trails—together with the surrounding wilderness, promise even the most diligent worker diversion and relaxation. 


Blue Mountain Center exists to support the artist in the world. A spirit of interdisciplinary participation prevails. We also appreciate when residents assist our small, hard-working staff in the flower garden and around the clubhouse. By the end of the session many of our most solitary, introverted residents are loath to lose the comforts of communal living. 

Beyond Blue Mountain Center

Blue Mountain Center is located in Blue Mountain Lake, New York, a hamlet of fewer than 150 permanent residents. Carpools to the Adirondack Museum (10 minute drive), the Indian Lake Theater (20 minute drive), and other sites of interest are often organized by staff and residents.

 Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).