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Facilities Coordinator and Program Assistant

The Facilities Coordinator & Program Assistant at Blue Mountain Center is a 7 ½ month full-time residential staff position. The position combines sharing in the daily responsibilities of all program staff at BMC to run the center, and assisting with BMC’s buildings and grounds. Staff members should be self-motivated and organized, versatile, and excited to take on a wide-range of everyday jobs.

Our daily work, like our program, is mission driven. We create a unique setting for artists, writers and progressive activists to work and rejuvenate, and we live in community with our guests. The residential staff sets the tone and atmosphere at BMC that helps establish a working community where guests feel productive, comfortable and willing to pitch in. This position has a special focus on the BMC facilities.

Facilities Coordinator

BMC is comprised of five 19th-century buildings and ten acres of grounds on a privately owned 1,600-acre estate, Eagle Nest Park. The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the ongoing maintenance of BMC’s buildings and outdoor space. They should have a basic understanding of construction and facilities, and the ability to communicate and build positive relationships with local and specialty contractors and part-time maintenance staff. Facilities specific-tasks will average 15 hours/ week, with heavier and lighter times during various parts of the season. These include: 

  1. Scheduling and overseeing long-term facilities projects, as determined by BMC’s Co-Directors and Board, with outside contractors and BMC program staff. Possible projects range from on-going solar and energy efficiency upgrades to handicap-accessibility.
  2. Communicating and scheduling with Eagle Nest’s full-time caretaker for both routine and emergency projects on the buildings and grounds.  
  3. Overseeing the maintenance of grounds and encouraging other program staff and volunteers to participate in raking, mowing, mulching, etc...

All residential staffers participate in office administration, innkeeping, hosting, gardening, and facilities tasks. Shared Program Staff responsibilities, which fill the remaining hours in the week, include, but are not limited to:

Program Responsibilities

Office Administration

  1. Provide office & logistical support for residents & conference organizers.
  2. Contribute to outreach, record keeping, BMC documents, & mailings.
  3. Assistco-workers with administration and on-going projects as needed.


  1. Maintaining the neatness of the common areas and utility rooms. 
  2. Help with preparing studios, emergency guest room preparation.
  3. Help kitchen staff with conference lunches, emptying dishwashers, compost and recycling.


  1. Welcoming and orienting arriving guests.
  2. Leading tours, hikes, paddles, and day-trips to local areas of interest.
  3. Attend evening meals, conversations & presentations. 
  4. Assist in driving guests to and from train stations and airports.
  5. Be on-call some evenings and nights for emergencies, guest needs.

Organic Gardening

All Residential Staff take on a portion of the garden, and plan with the head chef to provide healthy food for the BMC kitchen. They have the opportunity to be involved with designing BMC's organic vegetable and flower gardens. 


The position pays $2,000 a month for our 7 ½ month season, and includes room and board. It can include some support for health care. Residential Staff receive one full day off each week, as well as two half days. The days are long, but there is always time available for hikes and breaks during the day. Program Staff must be willing to become NY State residents and have a valid drivers license. 

Applicants should visit ( and then email a letter including background, interest in the position, and contact information for three references to: Benjamin Strader, by March 1, 2016.

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).