Blue Mountain Center

A working community of artists, writers, & activists in Blue Mountain Lake, New York


A good song reminds us what we’re fighting for.
— Pete Seeger

Blue Mountain Center, founded in 1982, provides support for writers, artists, and activists. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the center also serves as a gathering place and resource for culturally-based progressive movement building. We expand and deepen conversation among cultural workers and support projects that emerge from these dialogues.

During the summer and early fall, BMC offers three month-long residency sessions. Our Traditional Residency Program is open to creative and non-fiction writers, activists, and artists of all disciplines—including composers, filmmakers, and visual artists. Applications are reviewed by an Admissions Committee of accomplished authors and artists. The committee is particularly interested in fine work that evinces social and ecological concern and is aimed at a general audience.

Blue Mountain Center also hosts several weekend gatherings during the spring and fall months each year. They bring together individuals to talk about pressing social problems such as civil liberties, environmental health and safety, peace, and economic justice.

Blue Mountain Center is located within a private family estate in Blue Mountain Lake, New York, about 120 miles northwest of Albany. We are open to invited guests only from May 1 to Thanksgiving. Facilities are not for rent or open to the public.

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).