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Resident Support Funds

BMC alumni and friends have created a small fund at the Adirondack Foundation’s Blue Mountain Center Fund to provide direct financial support to successful applicants whom donors realize need additional resources for travel to enable their participation in the Center’s Residency and Conference programs. The support is based on individual need. Individuals who have been invited for a Residency may apply for these funds, which provide travel assistance. Specific instructions and application information are included with each letter of invitation. 

These are donor-advised funds.  BMC staff will not determine to whom funds will be awarded.

AFRICAN AMERICAN TRAVEL FUND: Up to $300 will be provided annually to up to three African-American Residents to defray travel costs.

ASTERI(X) FUND: Between $300 and $500 will be distributed to up to four authors and artists of color. The exact amount will be based on travel distance and strength of application – there will be no means test. The fund is intended to encourage applications from creative minds with financial constraints who otherwise may have seen a barrier to entry. It was inspired by and designed to support the mission of the Aster(ix) Journal.

Want to directly support Residents?

Contact us (bmc@bluemountaincenter) if you are interested in starting a fund or contributing to an existing one. Donations to the Blue Mountain Center general fund are also always welcome, and help us achieve our mission to create a nurturing working community of socially engaged writers, artists and activists.

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).