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Supporting writers, artists and activists in Blue Mountain Lake, New York

Resident Support Fund

In 2017, Blue Mountain Center alumnus Paul Rucker and leaders from the Aster(ix) Journal worked with the Adirondack Foundation to establish the Resident Support Fund, which aims to make Blue Mountain Center’s residency program accessible to more writers, artists, and activists who may have experienced barriers to being part of places like BMC, or been burdened by the costs associated with being away for a month. 

The fund provides a small stipend to accepted applicants for whom financial support would help enable their residency. Individuals may request funds after acceptance to a Blue Mountain Center residency. Please consider funds are limited at this time.

Paul Rucker is a composer, visual artist, and alumnus of Blue Mountain Center. Particularly interested in supporting residents who identify as Black, Paul has been instrumental in the development of this fund. Learn more about his work here.

Leaders from the Aster(ix) Journal, also instrumental in making the fund possible, seek to further the mission of the Journal by enabling a residency for more women of color.  

We’re so grateful to these alumni, and many others who have contributed to the fund since its inception!

Request Funding 

Eligible applicants identify as non-white and have been accepted into a BMC residency program. After acceptance, all eligible applicants will be invited to request funding by submitting the following to

  • 200-300 word description of need please only include as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing)

  • Outline of expected expenses for which support is requested, including a total amount requested

2019 Request Deadline: April 22nd, 2019

Our resident support committee will review requests with the goal of distributing funds to applicants who need it most, and recipients will be notified by May 7th, 2019. We hope to give recipients $100-$500 this year.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at or give us a call at 518-352-7391.

Contribute to the Fund

Help us achieve our vision of making our community of socially engaged writers, artists, and activists more nurturing, dynamic and accessible by donating to the fund. Donations to Blue Mountain Center’s general fun are also always welcome. 

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).

Photo credits: Trevor Nathan (Home), Karin Hayes (Community, Support Us, & Contact), & Jan Mammey (Apply).